Craig Francis


I have been a website developer since 2002, when I started by creating a content management system for John Cabot CTC.

My current skill set includes:

In regards to PHP development, most of my code is heavily commented, does not rely on any frameworks and I use Object Orientated Programming (OOP) practices when appropriate.

All websites I create are designed to follow the W3C recommendations, which define most of the standards used on the internet today.

This includes Priority 1 & 2 (AA) of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), which define some simple rules to help make websites more accessible to a larger audience - for example visitors who use screen readers.

In addition to website development, I do server setup and administration for the following Operating Systems:

Although I do have experience with using Windows (3.1 to XP) with IIS for hosting websites (static HTML and PHP enabled), I would not recommend its use for new projects. This is due to vendor lock in, security issues, purchasing cost, excessive maintenance time and lack of features.