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This page describes the different features available on this website which can hopefully improve access to the content available.

If at any time you have problems, or you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know.


The JavaScript on this website has been disabled.

I have used JavaScript on this website to improve the experience for most visitors. However some of these enhancements can become an inconvenience in certain conditions.

After checking that cookies are enabled in your browser, would you like to disable the JavaScript on this website?

Alternatively, you can disable the JavaScript in your browsers setup, which will effect every website.

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The following access keys are available on each page of this website. They can be changed using the form below, where you can use a hyphen (-) to disable any of the access keys, or leave the field blank to restore the default.

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Accessibility statement

I have used my knowledge and understanding of how different people access the Internet to develop a web site that is clear and simple for everybody to use. If you find there are any problems with this website, please let me know.


I have used the XHTML 1.0 and CSS specifications created by the W3C, as I believe that usability and accessibility must have a solid foundation.

I have also endeavoured to achieve AA accessibility as measured against version 1.0 of the WCAG. I am aware however, that a number of the checkpoints of the WCAG are subjective - and although I am sure that I have met them squarely, there may be instances where interpretation may vary.