Craig Francis

PHP CMS Text - Help

If you need basic text formatting, you can use the following tags:

Example Input Example Output
I like [B]bold[/B] text I like bold text
This is [I]important[/I] This is important
[H]Section head[H] Section head

If you need to provide links, you can use the following tags:

Example Input Example Output
[LINK ""]
[LINK "" "Google"] Google
[OPEN ""]
[OPEN "" "Google"] Google
[MAIL ""]
[MAIL "" "Email Me"] Email Me

If you need to include images, then you can the following tags. However, for non-decoration images, please use the latter, at it provides a small description for users who cannot view the image.

Example Input Example Output
[IMG ""]
[IMG "" "Description"] Description

The following tags can be used to create lists. Lines beginning with an asterisk or hash start a new item, where lists using the asterix are shown in a standard built list style, whereas the hash creates a numeric list.

* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3

# Item 1
# Item 2
# Item 3

An experimental tag has been added for basic tables. As it does not have support for table headings, this structure may change in the future.


If you need to add your own HTML, it can be done by simply adding it between the [HTML] and [/HTML] tags. However, as this is potentially dangerous, it is disabled by default.

General notes

I would suggest that you avoid the [OPEN] tag. This is because visitors can get frustrated when websites try to control their browser - read more about pop-up windows.

Also, if possible, try to use an email form on the website, instead of using the [MAIL] tag. This helps users who do not have an email client installed, and also reduces the change of that email address being added to (spam) mailing lists.