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b - Renders as bold text style.

i - Renders as italic text style.

tt - Renders as teletype or monospaced text

big - Renders text in a "large" font.

small - Renders text in a "small" font.

em - Indicates emphasis.

strong - Indicates stronger emphasis.

cite - Contains a citation or a reference to other sources.

dfn - Indicates that this is the defining instance of the enclosed term.

code - Designates a fragment of computer code.

samp - Designates sample output from programs, scripts, etc.

kbd - Indicates text to be entered by the user.

var - Indicates an instance of a variable or program argument.

abbr - Indicates an abbreviated form.

acronym - Indicates an acronym.

blockquote - Is used for long quotations

q - intended for short quotations, that don't require paragraph breaks.

sub - Superscript Text

sup - Subscript Text

a - Link

An Image

	The PRE element tells visual
	user agents that the enclosed
	text is "preformatted".

The Old New words markup sections of the document that have been inserted or deleted

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  2. Ordered Item 2
  3. Ordered Item 3
Definition List Term 1
Definition List Description 1
Definition List Term 2
Definition List Description 2
Definition List Term 3
Definition List Description 3
Table Caption
Table Head
Table Body Row 1 Cell 1 Table Body Row 1 Cell 2 Table Body Row 1 Cell 3
Table Body Row 2 Cell 1 Table Body Row 2 Cell 2 Table Body Row 2 Cell 3

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